M-Files Features

File Management System The M-Files Top Ten List

1. Easy to Use Windows Interface
  • Integrates with Windows Explorer - instantly familiar to everyone.
  • The document repository appears as a virtual disk drive.
  • Drag and drop documents, e-mail messages, and other files into M-Files, or vice versa.

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Control your documents [Enlarge]
2. Get Control of Your Documents
  • Check-out and check-in operations eliminate the problems of simultaneous changes.
  • Preserves old versions automatically.
  • Records a change log with usernames, timestamps, and comments.
  • Automatic naming and numbering options.

3. Fast Search and Dynamic Views Save Time Every Day
  • M-Files helps you find the right documents instantly by typing words in the search box.
  • Dynamically view documents in any hierarchical structure you choose.
  • Make the same document available from multiple folders without creating copies.

Free Text Search and Dynamic Views [Enlarge]

4. Location Independence
  • Remarkably fast over remote connections.
  • Traveling users can view, create, edit, and store documents in offline mode, with automatic synchronization.
  • Enable M-Files Web Access to make documents available to anyone with a Web browser, including Mac and Linux users.
  • Replication speeds up document handling in geographically separate facilities.

5. Security
  • Control data visibility; hide sensitive documents while maintaining a single storage location.
  • Simple options and customizable permission settings reduce the risk of human error.
  • Compatible with Active Directory.
  • Electronic document management system automatically schedules backups of all data.

Control Permissions and Visibility

6. Collaboration and Workflow
  • E-mail notification of new and modified documents.
  • Simple assignments for ad hoc collaboration.
  • Basic and advanced workflow capabilities for formal processes.

7. Customizable Vault and Metadata
  • The M-Files electronic document management system provides the most advanced metadata structure capabilities available, including multi-select lists and filtered fields.
  • Relationships between documents, use of collections, and templates.
  • More than documents: Manage client and project data or virtually anything by defining your own object types.

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8. Simple Installation and Implementation
  • Straightforward installation, ideal for implementing a document management system on your own.
  • Drag and drop existing files into M-Files.
  • Does not require dedicated IT staff.
  • Professional implementation assistance and consulting services available to customers anywhere in the world.
  • M-Files is also available as a hosted service.

9. Connections to Other Systems and Customization
  • Define an active link with external databases such as CRM, ERP, Accounting, and billing systems.
  • Import and link files from existing network shares.
  • Input paper documents from any scanners and multi-function devices.
  • Import e-mail messages from your mail server.
  • Use M-Files API to meet special integration needs.


10. Application Integration and Support for All File Formats

  • M-Files integrates seamlessly with all Windows applications including Office apps, CAD, accounting and inventory solutions, etc., allowing users to access data vaults with standard File commands such as Open, Save, Save as, etc.
  • M-Files also supports all file formats, such as standard Office documents like Microsoft Word, Excel, etc., PDF files, CAD models and drawings, images, scans of paper document, and emails and attachments.

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